Background Information

The purpose of this site is to provide documentation of the crimes of Joseph Alan Brown, a Portland, OR resident. This information is provided as a way of informing the community of the types of behaviors Joseph Brown engages in. Hopefully the information provided here will inform and protect our community.

Disclaimer: We do not condone violence or harassment of Joseph Alan Brown and provide this information only as a means of providing a repository of information. We do not condone any illegal acts, physical violence, or harassment of any parties mentioned herein.

Trigger warning: sexual assault, domestic violence

Joseph Alan Brown is a man living in Portland, OR who currently has two permanent stalking orders against him, one temporary stalking order against him, and a felony conviction for burglary, which is the result of voyeurism over a 2 year period that culminated in breaking into a house and engaging in unwanted physical contact with the subject of his voyeurism.

Stalking Order (Case #0206201, Clackamas County)

Download redacted Court Documents for case #0206201, Clackamas County 

The first stalking order granted for protection against him (case #0206201, Clackamas County), was the result of being caught “peeping” through an ex-coworker’s window in June of 2002. His target saw him and called the police, who apprehended him and questioned him at the scene. In the narrative report the officer wrote, the officer describes the questioning of Joseph Brown at the scene of the crime:

“I asked Mr. Brown why he looked into [Victim]’s windows and he said, ‘It’s kind of like a fantasy.’ Mr. Brown said, ‘First I was watching from behind the fence.’ Mr. Brown said [Victim] then closed the drapes, so he climbed her fence and went around to the front of her house. I asked him what he was looking for and he said, ‘If she was undressing.'”

The narrative continues, showing his premeditated stalking of the victim: “Mr. Brown told me the realtor who showed him X’s residence told him she had recently been divorced and Mr. Brown said he knew X would be alone.” This was not the first time Joseph Brown had behaved this way. The officer continued, “Mr. Brown told me he has, in the past, watched women undress. He said that he fantasizes about this later, while making love to his wife.”

Restraining Order (Case #0407-67756)

Download redacted Court Documents for case #0407-67756, Multnomah County

In 2004, a Restraining Order (case #0407-67756) was filed by Joseph Brown’s ex-wife in Multnomah County for protection against him. In this filing, his ex-wife recounts physical abuse and signs of sexual abuse of his own child:

A note written next to the description of the incidents of abuse committed against the petitioner says, “[Ex-Wife] states he slapped her and kicked her out of bed while she was 25 weeks pregnant in 3/04”

In the petitioner’s description of the incidents of abuse, she writes, “My son, [Name redacted], has been showing disturbing sexual behavior, telling me ‘Hate Daddy Finger’, that statement was made in the end of April and again in March. On April 4th watching Somethings Gotta Give [Name redacted] was licking his dads genitals through his PJ’s. On several times during bathtime [Name redacted] puts his finger in his rectum, and plays a lot with his penis.” The incidents prompted an examination of Joseph and the petitioner’s child by NW Cares and DHS, “both suggest no unsupervised visits and no contact with Joseph Brown.”

The court documents also state that the petitioner was seeking custody of the the children because of “Sexual abuse evidence/signs.”

1st Degree Burglary (case #0502-30656, Multnomah County)

Download redacted Court Documents for case #0502-30656, Multnomah County

His felony for 1st degree burglary (case #0502-30656, Multnomah County) is the result of entering a woman’s home, “with the intent to commit the crime of Harassment therein” on December 23rd, 2004. He was also charged with Harassment, because he “did unlawfully and intentionally harass and annoy [Victim], by subjecting [Victim] to offensive physical contact”. This second charge was later negotiated away in a plea deal under which Joseph Brown plead no contest to the first charge of 1st degree burglary. He received 5 years of probation, 9 months of GPS monitoring, and had to continue and complete Sex Offender treatment and therapy.

While the court documents for this case lack a detailed recounting of events, there are some details which point to the nature of the behavior: “Defendant pleaded guilty to Att. Burglary I on 8/16/05 before this Court and was sentenced to five years’ probation as a downward departure sentence by stipulation. The underlying crime involved the alleged touching of a sleeping woman, who was visiting Portland from San Diego, where she lives. Defendant had a previous conviction for a trespass (looking in a window at a clothed woman) in 2003 in Clackamas County, and there was a complaint of a similar incident in Multnomah County in 2004 (charges dismissed).”

It is clear from the documents that Joseph Brown wanted to avoid registration as a sex offender at all costs. A description of the terms of the plea deal stats that “At his sentencing hearing on 8/16, defendant was NOT [capitalized for emphasis, the word is underlined in the original document] sentenced as a ‘sex offender.’ This was a cornerstone of the plea bargain. The judge specifically reviewed with defendant on the record the conditions of his probation. Defendant was explicitly required to ‘continue and complete sex offender treatment’, as a special condition.”

Restraining Order (case #1204-64637, Multnomah County)

Download redacted Court Documents for Case #1204-64637, Multnomah County

In a Restraining Order filed against Joseph Brown (case# 1204-64637, Multnomah County), the person seeking protection alleges that Joseph Brown made violent threats, entered her home unwanted, and tried to strangle her.

In describing how the Respondent hurt or threatened the petitioner, the petitioner wrote, “The respondent was suppose(sic) to move out of my home Sept. 1st, he didn’t and showed up intoxicated the night of Sept 9th. I told him to leave and was taking some of his cloths(sic) out of the closet when he grabbed me threw me onto the bed jumped on top of me and tried to strangle me.” She also wrote, “One night while I was out with friends the respondent became increasingly aggressive, consuming cocaine and alcohol. He repeatedly tried to separate me from my friends and his behavior escalated when he tried to swing and strike my male friends, yelling and shouting demands that I come talk to him.”

In the petitioner’s explanation of what about the defendants character, past behavior, or the present situation indicates that he may be a danger to others or himself, the petitioner wrote, “His excessive drug use (mainly cocaine) makes him very unpredictable, irratic(sic), aggessive(sic), and impulsive.”

In describing the incidents of abuse, the petitioner described events from December 2011 to February 2012, stating, “The respondent broke into my home and tried to get into my bedroom at 2AM after harassing me all day long via text messages and emails. He has on multiple occations let himself into my home and into my bedroom even after I had repeatedly told him to leave, that he is not welcome in my home and to never come back.”

Another report from December 2011 stated, “[Joseph Brown] came into my bathroom while I was in the shower after letting him self into my home uninvited. I was startled and frightened and told him he cannot just do this and that he should leave. He waited until I got out of the shower and asked him to leave again before he finally left.”

A description of why the aforementioned break-ins alarmed or coerced the petitioner states, “The knowledge that he can just show up and get into my house at anytime is very frightening. He has broken down a door to get to me before and could do it again. He makes me feel like I am not safe anywhere.”

Stalking Order (case #1305-06161, Multnomah County)

The Court Documents for this case are combined with those of Case #1204-64637 above

After the aforementioned Restraining Order (case #1204-64637) ran out (Restraining Orders are not permanent), the petitioner filed for a Stalking Order (case #1305-06161, Multnomah County) and was granted a permanent Stalking Order to protect herself against the respondent, Joseph Brown.

There is an open case (#14-01-40686, Multnomah County) in which Joseph Brown is charged with 4 counts of Violating a Court’s Stalking Protective Order (Class A Misdemeanor). These are for allegedly violating the previously mentioned Stalking Order (case #1305-06161).

Stalking Order (Case #14SK00511)

Download redacted Court Documents for case #14SK00511

In a third Stalking Order (case #14SK00511), the petitioner alleges that in July of 2013 Joseph acted violently towards a roommate’s pet cat. “Joe pushed [the cat] back a few times with his foot before getting angry at the cat, picking it up, and throwing it into the hall where it hit the wall.”

The petitioner also alleges that on April 27, 2013, Joseph held her in room. She reported, “When I attempted to leave, Joe held me on the bed and scorned me for ‘just trying to walk away.’ Each time he would do this he would pull me closer toward him and continue yelling. I attempted to leave more than once and each time his reaction was the same.”



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